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Past Exhibitions

Beyond Brushstrokes: The Art of Magnus
March 18th - April 29th, East Austin TX

Inaugural exhibition of the Contemporary Gallery Space: Magnus' first solo – show in Austin. 

Magnus is a master storyteller and in each of his works there is more than what meets the eye. His figurative paintings explore contemporary social situations and issues, weaving complex narratives with a touch of humor into every brushstroke.

Drawing inspiration from his Scandinavian roots, Magnus’ pieces are colorful and bold, and full of striking details and fantasy elements. 
His work is not only visually stunning, but also infused with messages that encourage viewers to explore and question the world around them. Each piece is a tale waiting to be unraveled with hidden details that give his work depth and meaning.

Magnus' pieces are waiting to be discovered by those who take the time to look. It's not just the big picture that matters to Magnus, but also the small everyday curiosities.

He isn't afraid to inject a little humor, to be playful and fun, reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously. Magnus crafts large images that resonate with viewers on multiple levels inviting them to become part of the story told. 

His passion for art shines through in every piece. Magnus’ commitment to exploring new ideas and techniques ensures that his work is always evolving, making him a unique artist with a truly distinctive style.

His paintings reflect his social curiosity, blending Scandinavian influence with a unique perspective to create work that is both visually and intellectually engaging. Magnus' work is sure to captivate anyone who experiences it firsthand, whether you're looking for social commentary, hidden details, or just love his style.
His pieces are a testament to the power of art to inspire, think, and delight.

Check out his Bio

Unchained.Art @ Lost Creek Country Club
December 2022, Austin TX

Exclusive Fine Art Event for Members, plus Guests 

12 International Artists from Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy
showcase a carefully curated selection of their portfolio.
The artists are masters of their craft, translating their inspiration into raw emotions, bold statements, and thoughtful messages. A reflective journey through their eyes provides a unique perspective of the world around us. 
Discover expressive paintings, stunning photography, and soulful sculptures: From abstract to figurative, from harmony to contrast, and from oil to acrylics. 

A US Premier specifically created which includes a curator talk by Christina Hiltscher introducing the artists and their works.

March - April 2022, Zuerich Switzerland

The Italian and Spanish artist are masters at their craft translating their inspiration into raw emotions. A reflective journey into our soul through unique paintings and sculptures. Monica's work represents the nature of our uniqueness through bodies and faces, mirroring identity and reflecting the soul. Sara abstracts the reality of our inner landscapes and through her geometric approach and use of light, she captures the core of perception and inner reflection. They create a dialogue by peeling back layers, connecting underneath the surface to the essence of life and what it means to be human.

Essence Exhibition Invitation
Art Boutique Flyer
Art Boutique
December 2021, Zuerich Switzerland

Grand Art, Small Formats

Unique one-of-a-kind pieces from 9 artists invite you to browse right before the holidays. An art boutique that has something for everyone and with small sizes, something special to give.
From jewellery, to paintings, photography, liquid art and sculptures, the artists show their skills with small formats. 

7th Heaven
October 2021, Waedenswil Switzerland

The number 7 has always been privileged over the others and a rich symbology has been born around it. “The seven, because of its hidden virtues, maintains all things in being, it is the dispenser of life and movement and is decisive in influencing celestial beings,” said Hippocrates. According to numerology, when one thinks of the seven one must understand it as the sum between the 3 and the 4, considering it therefore as the sum of the totality. Seven is a number which often recurs in history, religion and philosophy. It has great importance in the arts: the seven liberal arts, the 7 colours of the rainbow; and in the various conventions: 7 chakras, 7 lunar phases, 7 days of the week, and 7 musical notes.
The exhibition titled "7th Heaven" organized by Christina Hiltscher presents the works of seven artists, each with a unique signature and style, all different from each other. The exhibition in fact presents the sum of different artists, four painters, a sculptor and two photographers, who together create a varied and impactful exhibition, showing the totality of art in some of its most favourite forms.

The combination created by the union of these seven artists does not create disorder but rather a magical harmony, just like the number 7. The journey starts with the refined and powerful peak landscape shots by Caroline Micaela Hauger, reaches to the mysterious and tranquil works of Jacqueline Racle wrapped in a slight haze; from the colourful works of figurative art by Magnus, to the deep and abstract works inspired by nature and intuition of witty | Erica Wittenwiler; to then moving closer to the contemplation of the female figure through clay and bronze sculptures by Denise Cornelius and the delicate, close up faces of M. J. Hale; to end up traveling through the experimental and contrasting photographs of Alex C.
The exhibition "7th Heaven" is a perfect combination of art in all its facets, it is a journey through nature, the abstract, the figurative and the connection with the body. It is a way to invite the observer to reach the "seventh heaven" through contemplation.

7Th Heaven Exhibition Artists
Exhibition Flyer Mind Travel
Mind Travel
August 2021, Zuerich Switzerland

Travel through expressive artwork that spans a wide portfolio of abstract paintings and unique photography. Emerging artists Luise Neuner from Austria, Hiltscher and Alex C. from Germany are taking you on a week-long journey of imagination, creativity and literal places.

Taking inspiration from their lives, travel, and personal explorations.

Each artist has an authentic signature, embracing art as a way of expressing their thoughts & passion and capturing the beauty of the moment with heart and soul.

Big & Bold
July - August 2021, Zuerich Switzerland

Magnus & M.J. Hale two contemporary artists from Denmark and England showcase their bold expression of life in two very distinct ways: through colourful and intimate, close-up observation of our world around us.
2 weeks full of narrative artwork exploring what lies beneath the surface of society and people, bringing your personal perceptions to the surface.  Both master storytellers. M.J. Hale establishes an almost tangible emotional connection to his characters and artworks, making them complete with your point of view. For Magnus you need to observe carefully not to miss the very often hidden and humorous points he makes, questioning the “what is”.
Be uplifted and inspired by colourful figurative, pop-art inspired artwork in acrylics and portraits in oil, that bring you up close and personal to interesting characters that impacted the lives of the artists and their artistic journey.

Exhibition Flyer Big & Bold
Exhibition Flyer True Emotion
True Emotion
July 2021, Zuerich Switzerland

Denise & witty | Erica Wittenwiler showcase their intuitive and deep expression of life the way they feel and observe it. 
2 weeks bursting with unique artwork exploring the relationship of emotions true to the artist and self as the viewer. The duality of meaning and perception, the capacity to trigger emotions and true connections through their creative vision.
An inspiring and moving display of sculptures in Bronze and clay and abstract paintings with incredible depth and meaning in acrylics and mixed media.

Unchained Art II
March 2021, Zuerich Switzerland

4 artists, 4 styles:

from oil to acrylics to bronze to clay; paintings and sculptures. 
12 days of unique artworks that break through boundaries and free the imagination

Learn more about the distinct signature and vision of each artist, their creativity and expression of life as they observe it. 
See our world through their lens - emotions, struggles - unchained.

Get to know the artists personally and be inspired by creative discussions.

Unchained.Art |Contemporary Gallery
Unchained.Art |Contemporary Gallery
Unchained Art -
The Beginning
October 2020, Oerlikon Switzerland

Welcome to the first Unchained Art, international exhibition of its kind.

The event brought to life the vision of creating an inspiring space to connect artists and art lovers. Providing visibility and genuine dialogue with 4 incredible artists, each with a distinct signature and vision. 

View the virtual tour here.


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