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Unchained.Art |Contemporary Gallery is a place which encourages and supports the creative freedom to express oneself with different styles and visions. Whether this means paintings, sculptures, photography or any form of creative passion. A place where artists, art enthusiasts and collectors come together – enabling creative exchange and embracing open and honest dialogue. 
Unchained.Art is the vision to create a platform, whether in person or virtual, which connects carefully selected artists with people who are passionate about art, free from restraints, rules and barriers. A comfortable and open environment in which questions, discussion and personal connections to visual arts are embraced. We are fully dedicated to the human touch to express emotions, how artists view the world and capture it.

Art is life, art drives change and art starts dialogue about society, norms and ourselves.


“A work of art is not complete without the perception of the viewer” - Marcel Duchamps

One of my favorite quotes, describing what is close to my heart: providing access to high - quality art across borders to create visibility to complete the circle. 

Unchained.Art means something different to each artist, to each viewer and visitor.
I look forward to learning what it means to you.

Services & Feedback

Gallerist | Personalised Art Sales | Consulting | Marketing | Project Management

"As an artist, it can often be awkward getting my general philosophy and art perspective across to the general public. My artwork often speaks better than I do and so it can be tough getting final art pieces promoted and into shows.  Christina has removed the stress and strain around self publicity for me. She has worked tirelessly at encouraging and promoting my work. She has organised and secured a number of exhibitions and has shown herself to be extremely affable and professional. She is good natured and approachable and very professional in promoting talent." - M. J. Hale

History & Tour Dates

  • Founded in 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland (CH)

  • 1st Group Show: October 2020, Zurich - Virtual 3D Tour

  • Open House: December 2020 – Homissage, Embrach (CH)

  • Group Show: March 2021, Zurich (CH)

  • True Emotion: July 2021, Zurich (CH)

  • Big & Bold: July / August 2021, Zurich (CH)

  • Mind Travel: August 2021, Zurich (CH)

  • 7th Heaven: October 2021 Kulturgarage, Wädenswil (CH)

  • Art Boutique: December 2021, Zurich (CH)

  • Essence: March / April 2022, Zurich (CH)

  • Unchained.Art moves to Austin, TX: June 2022

  • Lost Creek Country Club - Member Event: December 2022

  • Grand Gallery Opening in the East Austin Arts District: March 2023

  • Beyond Brushstrokes: The Art of Magnus: March / April 2023

More detail on previous events

KulturFabrik Waedenswil
Christina Hiltscher


Christina - Director & Founder of Unchained.Art 
Connecting the dots in Art | Marketing | Sales

International Business & Marketing Executive with a life-long passion for art especially contemporary art.  Experience in supporting the careers of emerging and established artists. Focused on collaboration, genuine dialogue, and support to create a space and platform that connects selected international artists with an audience. 
"I combine my passion of art with my skills, love taking on new challenges, innovate and build #unchainedart to give a voice to diverse, professional artists; to drive visibility of their unique talents and artwork.

Course Certificate by MOMA: Modern Art & Ideas 2021

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