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Unchained.Art |Contemporary Gallery is more than a brick-and-mortar gallery showcasing international and local art with a focus on Europe.
At we believe that art has the power to change the world, to move, transform, and connect people. Our mission is to break down barriers, to make contemporary art accessible across borders to a wide audience, while supporting emerging and established artists. We are committed to providing a platform for artists whose work challenges, inspires and creates deep emotional connections; to fostering a dynamic and genuine dialogue between the artists, art enthusiasts and collectors as well as the broader community.
We take a highly personal and transparent approach and through genuine dialogue and support, we create an open and welcoming environment for all, regardless of their level of expertise in art.



“A work of art is not complete without the perception of the viewer” - Marcel Duchamps

One of my favorite quotes, describing what is close to my heart: providing access to high - quality art across borders to create visibility to complete the circle. 

The gallery located in the vibrant East Austin Arts District, offers a carefully curated selection of high-quality contemporary European and international art, featuring a wide range of mediums including painting, sculpture and photography. 

Unchained.Art means something different to each artist, to each viewer and visitor.
I look forward to learning what it means to you.

Services & Feedback

Gallerist | Art Consulting | Marketing | Project Management

"As an artist, it can often be awkward getting my general philosophy and art perspective across to the general public. My artwork often speaks better than I do and so it can be tough getting final art pieces promoted and into shows.  Christina has removed the stress and strain around self publicity for me. She has worked tirelessly at encouraging and promoting my work. She has organised and secured a number of exhibitions and has shown herself to be extremely affable and professional. She is good natured and approachable and very professional in promoting talent." - M. J. Hale

History & Tour Dates

  • Founded in 2020 in Zurich, CH

  • 1st Group Show: October 2020, Zurich - Virtual 3D Tour

  • Open House: December 2020 – Homissage, Embrach

  • Group Show: March 2021, Zurich

  • True Emotion: July 2021, Zurich

  • Big & Bold: July / August 2021, Zurich

  • Mind Travel: August 2021, Zurich

  • 7th Heaven: October 2021 Kulturgarage, Wädenswil

  • Art Boutique: December 2021, Zurich

  • Essence: March / April 2022, Zurich

  • Unchained.Art moves to Austin, TX, June 2022

  • Lost Creek Country Club - Member Event, December 2022

  • Grand Gallery Opening in the East Austin Arts District, March 2023

    More detail on past exhibitions, KulturFabrik Waedenswil
Christina Hiltscher,, Art Exhibition

Read an Interview with Christina here

Holiday Show: Favorite Pieces

Review in the Austin Chronicle



Meet Christina - Director & Founder of Unchained.Art 


Christina, born in Germany, is a natural communicator and creative. Valued for her expertise, passion, and ability to bring people together through art, she is dedicated to fostering genuine connections. Her business acumen, curiosity and pursuit of free artistic expression serve as the driving forces behind her success as an art gallerist and agent. She is known for her can-do attitude, perceptive eye, and unwavering commitment to promoting artists.


Christina' path to the art world was an indirect, yet inspiring and transformative one, deeply influenced by her upbringing and international experiences. 
She actively seeks out opportunities to engage with diverse communities and works diligently to make art more approachable and relatable, ultimately enriching people's lives through the universal language of creativity. Her personal experience as a painter and collector provides her with a unique understanding of the artistic process, enabling her to effectively collaborate and support artists.
Christina's approach is very open and transparent, she fosters genuine dialogue, and believes in building strong relationships with her artists, aligning with their vision and goals to better drive access and visibility. This enables her to curate thought-provoking exhibitions, like converting a factory space into a unique gallery experience. She believes in the transformative power of art and to make a meaningful impact.


In 2022 Christina relocated with her husband Mads to Austin and opened Unchained.Art Contemporary Gallery on E. Cesar Chavez St in March '23.
Mads is her number one supporter and together they enjoy what Austin has to offer.  Both fans of live music, the outdoors, the dog-friendly open culture and a vibrant, creative social life, they call East Austin their home. 
If you don’t find Christina in the gallery, she is most likely down the street at Drinks Lounge & Records.  

Certificate by MOMA: Modern Art & Ideas 2021

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